Cerrone vs. Medeiros / UFC Fight Night 126

What a fight it was! The gala alone was unanimously named the best and most spectacular event in UFC history. However, the duel of two leading stars of the MMA world – Cerrone and Medeiros, as well as others: Edgar, Swanson, Marquardt, Palhares – gathered as many as 30,000 spectators and allowed them to achieve excellent turn-out and financial results, with a total value of $800,000.

The hall was filled to the brim with over 10,000 people in the stands, and what’s more – thanks to such an amazing number (both in terms of viewership and for financial reasons, including sponsorship), the gala was announced the most profitable and the best in history of the Austin competition. Both Cerrone and Medeiros – from the very beginning were the biggest stars of this event. Most bets were placed on their fight and the largest percentage of tickets were bought for them. Both worked hard during preparations for the gala, we could watch it on social networks and during sparring open to the media, undoubtedly the players have a really large crowd of fans.

Donald Cerrone in a spectacular style returned to the MMA world’s top, knocking out Yancy Medeirson – with a strong, substantial blow. It’s amazing – especially since both of them had a lot to lose (in terms of image and sport) and for both this duel was extremely important. The scale of professional activity, possibilities and position in the sport world of Cerrone and Medeirson allowed them to be featured on the pedestal of the hottest event of the last season. The fact that they fought in a balanced way, alternately attacking with new and precise combinations added some hot emotions. Two rounds, in which it was not possible to select a unanimous winner, actually caused some speculations about which one of them is stronger and whether we really want this duel to end with points. The viewers expected something more, one might say – the lack of monotonous, surprise, strong blow and shock. It did not work until the last round and 10 seconds before its end Cerrone perfectly used the moment and struck, it gave him victory, victory – which allowed him to return and regain his former fame.

Today everyone is talking about it, it’s something spectacular, the more so that the physical effort (especially strength and endurance) is really huge, with this type of movement intensity. The voices commenting on this duel, as well as the entire gala, agreed that the modern MMA has evolved to perfection and is at a very high level. The players are aware and they train hard – it can be seen, it also shows that they care about the way of nutrition and adequate supplementation (you can see it in the form of excellent effects).