Lewis challenges you to a duel!

Derrick Lewis noticeably changed the tactics of running a sporting career – the player is very confident and this time he intends to aim at the world’s leading MMA fighters. The athlete called the “black beast” is also very experienced and strong, and there is no doubt that his extraordinary physical abilities and current sporting achievements allow him to take some kind of steps that are much bolder and more courageous than those that novice players place. After the last knockout he made for 126 gala of Fight Night after 1:56 in Austin (Texas) – Lewis challenged the next players. Indeed, his current form is impressive, but can he beat the world’s top? Will it not be under the pressure of the undefeated three players who are a global model for all mixed martial artists?

We’ll find out, in fact, these fights could be a very interesting sport event. Lewis, in the interview after the gala, said he now expects a clash with Frances Ngannou, Curtis Blades and Fabricio Werdum. His bold statement did not go unnoticed in sports scenarios, hardly any competitor immediately grabs such well-known names, but nevertheless it may indicate his excellent form. Lewis’s promotor, commenting on this fact, stressed, above all, the high disposition of his player and assured everyone of his will to overcome this sports bests: “he is ready for it” – he said. He added that in order to prepare well for the fight, the player needs at least a six-month period of intense preparation, also the clashes with all three induced players are quite distant prospect, which does not change the fact that if there is such a will and desire, it will definitely take place. What’s more, he also stressed that there are already preliminary talks between the parties, but we still have to wait for the official and final information.

Is this the beginning of a great path to fame? Is Derrick Lewis able to make it almost impossible? Supporters, who believe in the black athlete, emphasize that his considerable posture and height are the huge advantages that he will certainly use. In fact, the last knockout was impressive, but nevertheless – Lewis did not fight with the leading player and was (at that time and in that duel) a decisive favourite of this clash, moreover, it was speculated that his words were a resultant of emotions related to the immediate winnings. The player himself, however, in response to appearing comments, said he fully supports his words and feels ready to fight the best. Is it really going to turn out during the duel, whose place, date and personal details will be known after detailed consultations and negotiations (we must remember that the values ​​of contracts for the players determine to a large extent who are they and who are they in the ring at all) . One thing is certain – it will be really hot!