Bellator Gala 194

Amazing emotions accompanied us during the spectacular Bellator gala 194! The result of this event became the indication of another player who became the semi-finalist of the 2018 heavyweight grand prix. However, the highlight was Mitrione vs Nelson, who attracted a really large number of viewers, not only because of the popularity and rank of the names, but also the form and the structure of this spectacle. MMA supporters were probably not too surprised by the victory of Mitrione, although a more spectacular ending to the duel was expected and ended only on the majority decision of the judge. This does not, however, capture the player because he really presented a good and equal form, just like his opponent. It’s known that mixed martial arts for many athletes, as well as fans are a kind of amazing passion, which they want to pursue, but nevertheless do not like monotony. Spectators expect big emotions during the fight, it’s clear, nobody comes to be bored, and so it’s good when the duel is associated with the release of a large dose of positive adrenaline.

At the gala we could watch such people as: Richardson, Leona, Kimbel, Thena, Carvahlo, English, Trice, Howard, Surin, Hancock, Xhema, Nascimento, Casey, and Hamilton. As you can see – the organizers made sure that viewers could view the true face of the MMA. The competitors themselves, both before and after the gala, emphasized the high level of the event. Indeed, both sports, conditioning, endurance and technical considerations – were a very high and satisfactory level, as well as the place and appearance of the hall, as well as building security – they reflected the attention to detail.

Comments after the gala seem to fill with optimism and strengthen the importance of the heavy weight, as it’s extremely important in the hierarchy of domination, where it has not been appreciated so much earlier. This is mainly due to the fact that the players are perfectly prepared in every respect, it’s clear that they have a lot of knowledge, both in the training, as well as supplementation or nutrition. It’s very important if we want to talk about the positive development of mixed martial arts, once it was not seen as something that could be a priority, players were not identified with a healthy lifestyle – until they saw the spectacular results of this kind of functioning.

During interviews, promoters (e.g. Richardson, Kimbel, or Trice) repeatedly said that after winning at this gala, new, better career paths were opened for their players. Of course, they certainly mean big financial contracts, which are in fact an extraordinary value, but not only – they repeated that the most important is the development and climbing to higher and higher positions in the world of MMA. The priority of every player is to be at the top – it’s known. It does not happen at once, it consists of a lot of factors, also talent, and the whole process (even preparing for a particular duel) takes a certain amount of time, which is very valuable and its use determines the future.