ACB 80 Gala

The hottest event of this season is behind us and emotions have not yet subsided! What was happening? First of all, the leading names of the MMA world as well as many other surprises! Albert Tumenov’s and Nah-Shon Burella’s fight ended, quite unexpectedly, with the victory of Tumenov – which saddened the fans a bit, because before the fight, most fans of this sport thought of a spectacular duel in which Burella was the leader. It was the fight of the evening, it caused quite mixed feelings, undoubtedly in people who have put considerable sums of money on Burella were not happy that evening. In turn, Kalamov – a young player who is just developing his wings and builds a career for the player – did not have the slightest problems with defeating the MMA veteran – Mizugaki.

Indeed, at the moment when we are used to something, looking at it from the perspective of the player and spectator – it’s hard for us to get out of the barricade. The thought that, having been successful, we had the whole world at our feet, and life gave us successive trophies – we experience quite a shock when it turns out that it’s time to leave, give way to the younger and stronger. It’s not easy and not many old athletes are able to let it go without it going under their conditions, but then we have the risk – either we leave as winners, or lose everything, including the position. The uniqueness of this gala was not only about the unexpected ending of the duel and the triumph of youth, but also in the fact that all fights ended with the unanimous decision of the judges. This means that there were no surrenders or knockouts. This can be ambiguous, because it can be associated with perfect preparation and an equal form of all players or with lack of emotions and adrenaline and the unprepared tactical athletes. Who does not want to end his duel in a spectacular way, by throwing their opponents to the ground? Well, we can interpret these results as we like, preferably after re-examining this event. The voices we could hear right after were a reaction to the first two battles we mentioned at the very beginning. It was them that made this event so spectacular and it was very good in financial terms. All other aspects were not so noticeable, they were considered insignificant because there was nothing special about them, nothing that would warm up the atmosphere, give up the MMA fighting spirit.