The duel: Belfort vs. Machida

Amazing news flows to us from across the ocean! The organization is getting ready for a clash that has been long awaited. Viktor Belfort and Lyoto Machida will face each other! Brazilian MMA will survive a real quake, it’s even said that the UFC 224 gala will go down in the history of world sport and will permanently enrol in the priceless events of mixed martial arts. Indeed, the fight between these two incredibly strong and equally richly titled players is expected by both the fans and the media and the athletes themselves. There is no need to hide that both Belfort and Machida are legends that still want to count in the world top and dictate the conditions in prestigious rankings. Both of them had long and incredibly intense preparatory periods, during which – as they repeatedly said – they built strength, endurance, speed and new habits – mainly those that enable them to lead such a lifestyle and achieve success in this sport, namely: eating habits and supplementation. In the world of professional sport there is no place for mistakes, there is no place for hesitation, lack of discipline, regularity and unhealthy life – if you do not fight – you lose. Lost in a cage is nothing like losing to your own weaknesses, with your own habits and addictions. Leading players just follow this philosophy in their lives, they know that all fears and weaknesses are coded in the psyche, as long as they can overcome them – they are heroes.

Millions are waiting for this fight, primarily because we are talking about the most merited to the world MMA – fighters who – no need to hide – are already on the last straight road before the end of their professional career path. Many are just curious if these athletes are able to make a good, professional and exciting spectacle, despite their age. Many also have a fondness towards it, because MMA is a sport that brings a great dose of emotion, adrenaline, and passion – it’s just something loved (in a way, of course). It’s said that this fight can be the seal of a great sporting achievement, a huge success and a way of saying goodbye to fans (something like retiring at the peak of fame, after winning with an equally titled athlete, maybe with an eternal rival). Belfort’s health is undoubtedly indicative of a poorer disposition, he seemed to suggest that he would like the duel with Machida to be the last win in his career. Nevertheless, his opponent, Machida, did not show off amazing form lately either, despite the fact that he won the last fight. The UFC 224 Gala will take place on May 12 in Rio de Janeiro. Is the duel of two leading stars of the MMA world really going to take place? Are rumours of a clash of undeniable giants who have to lose their own position and a quick end in the shadow of the rival’s triumph going to be confirmed? It will be soon!