UFC Fight Night 126 – Austin, Texas

Gala like this one, of course, is incredibly popular and has the character of a spectacular spectacle, but this time the emotions reached their zenith. You do not need to be too convinced that both the atmosphere of the event and its target location played a really important role in the final phase of the psychological game. At the gala there were the hottest names of the last seasons, no wonder – every player would like to present their strength in such circumstances. Those who came to feel what the real MMA is understand this atmosphere and see really great duels – they were not disappointed!

We could see: Derrick Lewis, James Vicek, Brandon Davis, Steven Peterson, Thiago Alves, Francisco Trinaldo, Carlos Diego Ferreira, Jared Gordon, Brian Camozzi, Geoffrey Neal, Roberto Sanchez, Sarah Moras, and Lucie Pudilov. What a clash! Indeed, one could not complain about the lack of emotions and dynamics. During the gala, the viewers saw as many as four knockouts (especially the one made by Carlos Diego Ferreira on Jared Gordon in the first round – 1:58, or Derrick Lewis in blows, also in the first round defeated the opponent in round 3 – 2:48), what’s more – we could observe: four unanimous decisions of the judges deciding on the final conclusion of the duel (this was the case with Brandon Davis and Steven Peterson, Lucie Pudilov and Sarah Moras), three settlements by surrender (this is how the struggle between Roberto Sanchez and Joby Sanchez ended) – in the first round – 1:52).

Amazing emotions, genius technique and a great spectacle – it was really something to watch! You cannot doubt the magic of MMA – because it just exists, every duel and every entry is in fact unique – that’s why it’s a truly beloved mixed martial art. What can you compare to? Speakers reporting at the gala in Austin agreed that this unique event involves its own rights and its own atmosphere – the players were compared to the ancient gladiators many times, entering only to win, because the defeat is associated with a certain type of “sports death”- it’s a battle for everything. We often do not understand what kind of titanic work (through training, diet, and supplementation) is done by people; they are warriors in human skin, fearless. Gala is already behind us, the emotions are just dropping, and the players are recovering – remember that the sphere of the psyche in case of both winning and losing a fight also needs proper regeneration. In a short time, we can probably count on detailed analyses and comments, but undoubtedly – this gala aroused a lot of emotions during its lifetime, because we could hear people’s first statements in the world of MMA just after its completion. A great, professional spectacle – let there be more of those in this beautiful sport.